Become a Member

We welcome new musicians to our group.  There are no auditions, but in order to keep up with the group, you must have a firm grasp of musical notation and preferably at least a few years of study on your instrument.  We do for the most part play symphonic music as originally composed (not “easy” arrangements), so this is not the group to learn how to read music or learn basic instrumental techniques.  However, we’ve had novice players successfully join, playing as much as they are able at the beginning, and, being immersed in the full orchestra environment, improve tremendously in a short amount of time.  Interested musicians may attend up to three rehearsals in order to self-assess whether Nova is right for them. You can take a look at our current repertoire listed under member services.

All string players are welcome.  While you can just show up at one of our rehearsals, let us know if possible ahead of time so we may expect you.

Due to the nature of orchestral music, a specific number of wind instruments must be maintained (i.e., one per part).  If you’re interested in an opening, please contact us first.  Also, note that saxophones are not part of the standard orchestral set-up.

Currently, we have positions open for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Horns, Trombone, Tuba, Bassoon and Trumpet. Contact us at if you are interested!