Member Resources and FAQ

Free Music Resources
Naxos Music Library, accessible through Edmonton Public Library
International Music Scores Library Project (IMSLP)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where do I get the music?

A) All the repertoire to be printed is listed on our website with links to IMSLP (a free public domain database). Please let us know if you have trouble printing your parts. Other non-public-domain scores will be distributed during rehearsal.

Q) Who do I give fees to?

A) Our Treasurer (ideally) or our President

Q) When do I give music back?

A) Generally, the first rehearsal after Christmas break and at the final spring concert, as collected by our Librarian.

Q) I’m going to miss a rehearsal or concert. Who do I tell?

A) Please inform our Conductor/Music Director (Bill) and at least one other member of your section who you know will be attending.

Q) Where do I find recordings of the pieces?

A) Many pieces are online on YouTube or in the Naxos Music Library (there are many free subscription methods). The Edmonton Public Library also has many music CDs.

Q) The weather report looks bad. Is rehearsal cancelled?

A) If the evening temperature forecast as of Tuesday morning is below -25°C, rehearsal will be cancelled. Look for an announcement from the E-mail list or on the website.

Q) I have a suggestion for a concert. Who do I tell?

A) Please pass your suggestion along to our Conductor/Music Director (Bill) or another member of the board.

Q) Does Nova Musica have any social events?

A) Some members usually go for beverages post-rehearsal every week. Other events are occasionally scheduled throughout the year.

Q) I have something to share with all Nova members, how do I email them?

A) Nova currently uses google groups. To send an email to all nova members send the email to:

Q) I don’t seem to be receiving Nova emails – what should I do?

A) If you started with Nova Musica in the fall you should have been added to the email list after you provided your membership information to us.
If you are not receiving Nova emails then please email Diane Dunn at

Please note: Nova Musica Society is governed by official Association Bylaws, as posted on the Society’s website. In the event of a discrepancy between those Bylaws and this Member’s Handbook, the Bylaws will prevail.