Nova Musica meets weekly for a fun-filled rehearsal with our favourite conductor, Bill Dimmer. We usually focus on three or four pieces for an upcoming concert per evening, working up to the full programme over the course of a few months. Nova is as much about developing musicianship as developing a musical community. Our season usually lasts from September to late May.

Covid-19 has presented challenges for all performing music groups and Nova Musica is no exception. Over the past 20 months our rehersals have not been held, however we have been hosting Nova Nights, which are virtual music appreciation evenings, where Bill delights us with his knowledge of music and music history.

We are hoping to hold in-person rehersals for the 2021-2022 season, althought we have postponed our start date due to rising Covid-19 cases in Alberta. Please stay tuned as we navigate this latest wave of the pandemic. Those interested in joining us please email us at .