Nova Musica meets weekly for a fun-filled rehearsal with our favourite conductor, Bill Dimmer. We usually focus on three or four pieces for an upcoming concert per evening, working up to the full programme over the course of a few months. The baton drops at 7:30. We have a half-time coffee and snack break before finishing up promptly at 10 pm. Occasionally, a subset of the group goes out for “beveraging” and wind-down at a nearby eatery. Nova is as much about developing musicianship as developing a musical community. Our season usually lasts from September to late May.

Rehearsals are Tuesdays from 7:30-10 pm at École Gabrielle-Roy (8728 – 93 Ave). Parking is available along the school and across the street. Arrive no earlier than 7. When rehearsals are in session, the front door may be locked and you might need to ring the buzzer. Please bring a music stand! Also, we ask that you bring a separate pair of indoor shoes while inside the school.

How to Get Here
By car: Use the Google map below to find the best route to the Strathearn area. Note that it may be easier to approach the school from the east or north (rather than Connors Road).

By transit: The #8 bus stops only 5 minutes away from the school. Get off at 89th Street on Connors Road. See map for the shortest path to the school (Google Maps gives a circuitous route). Note that if you are coming from the south or west part of town, it is much more convenient to take the LRT to Central Station and then take the #8 southbound (rather than the #4 eastbound along Whyte and waiting for a transfer to the #8 northbound, despite what Google Maps or the ETS website recommends).